Management in Sport

AWFiS Gdansk

Dean of Department of Physical Education
prof. nadzw. dr hab. Tomasz Tomiak


Head of the Department of Management in Sport
dr Joanna Jedel

Location in the voivodeship Pomeranian attractive sports facilities, PGE Arena in Gdansk Ergo Arena in Sopot, sports hall in Gdynia and smaller sports and recreational facilities in communities, as well as an increasing number of public events including sports that infrastructure is an important factor determining the creation of the new training program "Management in sport". Another argument is the emergence of new operators, managers and providers of sales and marketing services in the area of sport by TV channels.

Stadium PGE Arena Gdansk

New training program "Management in Sport" will start in the 2013/2014 academic year.
Future graduate of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk selecting the area of education broadly defined "Management in Sport" will be prepared to work as: business management specialist in sports and sports infrastructure. A graduate of first degree obtained knowledge of law in the management of sport and sport market at international and national levels. Obtain skills and the ability to use public-private partnerships in financing sports facilities and the expertise to create models of financial engineering in the financing of sports activities to enhance the profitability of people operating in sports and including commercialization.

A graduate of the second degree "Management in Sport", will have a comprehensive knowledge and skills of a manager and creator of sport in the sporting organizations and enterprises of the sports industry, understands the interdependence of business philosophy and safety issues and shaping the cultural environment in the sport.

Thus, the Department of Physical Education and Department of Management in Sport invites all eager and ambitious people to study a new direction "Management in Sport".

Sports Hall Ergo Arena