Dormitory and canteene

Few important information about accommodation for students visiting the University of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk

University campus is located in ​​Gdansk Zabianka zone in the same building as main building of The University of Physical Education and Sport

Dormitory (campus) gives students a temporary residence for study period at a reasonable price - 90€  per month.

Students rooms are divided in two parts. First part, called part B, consists of 186 places to sleep and study and is placed on the second and third floor of the domitory. The second part consists of 176 places to sleep and study, and is placed on the first, second and third floor of the domitory.  The prize contains all charges including the media and the internet. The B part of dormitory is divided into segments of two rooms for two persons, and  includes bathroom and toilette and kitchen with equipement as refrigerator and gas stove. The C part of the domitory is divided into four rooms for 2 persons with shower, toilette, two sinks and two refrigerators.

Kitchens are also situated in the corridors (on each floor) with two gas stoves.

There are also new rooms in both parts of the domitory - 2 rooms for 2 persons with kitchen and bathroom .

Besides students can use:

- 5 laudries

- air conditioning in C part

- place for bicycles

- four sitting rooms with TV

- each room has TV and internet available

- divan on each floor

- to enter the domitory you get special magnetic card

- vacuum cleaner and iron are available

extra informations:

- lodge is opened 24 hours

- dormitory administration is located on the first floor of part C

- free car parking

- canteen is located in the same building as domitory, in front of the entrance of domitory

University canteen offers variety of meals with attractive price of 3€  to 10€ .  There is also University Cafeteria which offers fresh pastries, desserts and hot snacks in reasonable prizes 1-3€ for lunch

There is a very good public transport around University which allows students to move quickly to the other zones of TrioCity (Sopot, centre of Gdansk and Gdynia) : bus, train, tram.

Each bus stop or train station or tram station is no longer than 5 minutes away from domitory, even less. But main popular communication solution is train, which can get you to every main part of TrioCity all day and night. The cost of the tickt depends on the kilometers, for example 6-7 kilometers by train costs aproximetly 0,4€

Other solution is to buy Metropolitan ticket for all kind of communication and transport in TrioCity for 26,23€