Info for Students

This site contains information for the candidates of the undergraduate level of full-time studies in English at the Department of Physical Education of the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk. Here you will find a PDF document which provides information organized into seven sections.

Section I offers information on: the fields of study, qualifications gained in the course of studies, the title conferred, examinations and admission requirements for the Academy Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk.

Section II provides general information on recruitment procedures, including the Internet recruitment system (IRK) details, the supplementary recruitment procedure (in case of spare places) and the appeal procedure.

Section III comprises all types of additional information addressed to the those who wish to apply.

Section IV specifies online application deadlines.

Section V includes information about the Academy for ERASMUS students.

Section VI includes a selection of schematic pictures of handball, football, volleyball and basketball examination tasks.

Section VII presents Polish Athletic Association tables of specifications for 100m run and  shot put (Appendix 1) and a model medical certificate of the lack of contraindication or contraindication to commence or pursue studies (Appendix 2).


From among candidates who have qualified for the first year of study at the Physical Education Faculty at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk in the field of studies in physical education (first cycle studies, full-time programme) and during the registration process indicated the English language as the lecture language (in the mentioned field of studies), an English language group will be created (provided there is the minimal, required number of qualified candidates).

Exam and qualification requirements:
1.    Physical fitness exam (prospectus English version).
2.    Contest of grades on school-leaving certificates – maturity exam certificate.
3.    Written exam confirming qualification to study in English language, provided with other required documents after the candidate is qualified*
* exceptions are candidates who have documents confirming their knowledge regarding the foreign language and a certificate, diploma or any other document confirming graduation from a secondary school abroad, where lectures were conducted in the same foreign language in which candidate will study at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk (namely, the English language).

4.    Physician's certificate (confirming that candidate is able to study at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport).
5.    Certificate which confirms holding of a sports class.
6.    Document confirming that the candidate is allowed to study on rules pertaining to foreigners I and II.
7.    Certificate confirming the candidate’s ability of maintenance during the studies (regarding the EU and EFTA citizens).
8.    Insurance against illness or accidents during the studies in Poland or the European Health Insurance Card or a declaration to join the National Health Fund (NFZ) right after the beginning of studies.
9.    Non-refundable registration payment - 200 Euro.

Information for foreigners:
--Document nostrification
The maturity exam certificate and documents confirming English language knowledge and certificates or diplomas confirming graduation from a secondary school abroad, where lectures were conducted in the same foreign language in which the candidate will study at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk (namely, the English language) have to be approved of/nostrified; a foreigner is obliged to present a certificate confirming equality with the corresponding Polish certificate.
Notice: Mature exam certificates: International Baccalaureate (IB) and European Baccalaureate (EB) do not have to be approved of/nostrified.

--Studying at Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdansk is available to:
·    Polish citizens,
·    Foreigners I – on the rules applicable to the Polish citizens:
-    with a permission of settlement in Poland,
-    with a refugee status granted by Poland,
-    with temporary protection on the territory of Poland,
-    migrating workers who are EU or EFTA citizens – who are or were  employees in Poland and also members of their families, if they live on the territory of Poland,
-    with permission of long-term resident stay on the territory of the European Union or Poland,
-    with a permission to reside on territory of Poland for the time defined according to circumstances, described in art. 53 par. 1 p. 7, 13 and 14 the Act of 13 June 2003 regarding foreigners (Journal of Laws No 128, pos. 1175, with further amendments[1])).
·    Foreigners II – who are allowed to study based on:
-    international agreements, on the rules specified in these agreements,
-    agreement between foreign subjects and universities, on the rules defined in these agreements,
-    decision of the Higher Education Ministry or an appropriate ministry specified in art. 33 par. 2,
-    Rector’s decision,
·    Payment form for foreigners II:
-    Polish side's grant holders,
-    on the payment rules – defined by the decision of the Rector of the Academy of Physical Education Gdansk (not less than 2000 Euro per an academic year),
-    without payments and scholarships,
-    as the grant holders of the sending side, without payments for study,
-    as the university grant holders,

EU and EFTA citizens and members of their families with financial sources for maintenance during the study are allowed to study at the first-, second-, and third-cycle studies and undertake any other education forms and to participate in scientific research and development projects on the rules applicable to Polish citizens, without a right to: maintenance grant, special benefits for the disabled, accommodation grant, sustenance grant or benefits.

Other issues not included in the above regulation are defined by the Act of 27 July 2005 Higher Education Bill (Journal of Laws No 164, pos. 1365 from 2005), Regulation by the Minister of Science and Higher Education (Journal of Laws No 190 pos. 1406 12.10.2006 with further amendments) regarding foreigners' possibility to study, take courses and participate in  scientific research and development projects.


Dean's Plenipotentiary
for the Internationalization of the Academy
Marcin Dornowski
0 48 697 227 093