Info for Teachers

Teachers' language training has already begun.

On 9th and 12th February all teachers willing to run their lectures and classes in English took their language tests. The turnout was surprisingly high with over 50 candidates. The test verified the candidates' functional knowledge of English, and the level of language proficiency proved to be quite diverse. Dr Grzegorz Bielec achieved the highest score (95.5%) with mgr Julia Ziółkowska as the runner-up (94%). Congratulations!

All lecturers who participated in the test and expressed their willingness will be allocated in language groups with preference in the first recruitment for persons starting their classes in the academic year 2010/2011.

In the first recruitment there are 5 groups of teachers, 6 members in each. There will be one meeting per week for the whole group, when attention will be paid to improvement in grammar and the overall language fluency, and then another meeting when teachers will be paired according to their scholarly interests (group 5 is an exception – 2 meetings per week in the whole group without individual meetings in this semester). Individual meetings will basically be conversation classes to practise oral fluency and language specific for particular subjects taught in English by the teachers in the future.
All participants should be fully aware that the courses are a great challenge as well as opportunity to improve both language skills and be better prepared for work in an increasingly international environment. They should also be aware of administrative consequences should they fail to attend regularly and make progress.
Part of the training is a teaching internship at a foreign college, which will verify the teachers' skills in practise.
At the end of the training all participants will take a language exam honoured by the EU.

Teachers will be informed shortly about their scores, group allocation and their language teacher's contact details.
Please get in touch with your teacher as soon as possible to arrange the time of your classes.

Good luck in your English!

dr Krzysztof Pniewski (language coordinator)