Cooperation with Central Sport Centre (COS)


On 26 January 2009 the Jędrzej Śniadecki Academy of Physical Education and Sport (AWFiS) signed a cooperation agreement with the Centre of Olympic Preparations Cetniewo in Władysławowo (COS OPO “Cetniewo”). The agrrement was signed by prof. Tadeusz Huciński, the Rector of AWFiS, and Ryszard Stachurski, the Director of COS OPO “Cetniewo”. The cooperation agreement followed prior negotiations and arrangements which had been concluded in the form of agreement of the 23 December 2008.

The 2009 cooperation agreement regulates the terms of widely understood cooperation in the fields of diagnosis care and research into sports training conducted in COS OPO “Cetniewo”. The research guidance will aim at diagnosing training micro-cycles and training potential.

The 2009 cooperation agreement brings along a number of other stipulations which support Polish sport. The activities initiated and performed under this agreement attribute to the efficacy of the sports training.