General information
Foreign Language Unit at the Academy of Physical Education and Sport in Gdańsk offers English, French, German, Russian and Italian courses at different levels for day, evening and extramural students at all departments and also an English language course for PhD students.  The aim of the courses is to consolidate the general knowledge of the language and develop the professional vocabulary and skills specific for the fields of tourism, recreation, physical education, sport, physical therapy and health promotion.

Head of the Unit:
Dr Krzysztof Pniewski

Front Office
Office hours for students:
Monday-Friday 8am-2pm

Independent Technical Clerk
Beata Kamińska
Telephone: (058) 55 47 283
room 528 Domont II

English Language Unit Staff:
Dr Krzysztof Pniewski – senior lecturer of English
Mgr Mirosława Barańska - senior lecturer of English
Mgr Maria Gawriilidis - senior lecturer of English
Mgr Justyna Ołowska - senior lecturer of English
Mgr Elżbieta Smaruj - lector in English
Mgr Hanna Szymańska-Żebracka - senior lecturer of English
Mgr Janina Kosiedowska - senior lecturer of Russian
Mgr Barbara Smolińska - senior lecturer of Russian
Mgr Regina Rekowska - senior lecturer of German
Mgr Atena Urbanowicz-Demby - senior lecturer of French and Italian

AWFiS  has been approved by Education Development International (EDI)

to organize certified LCCI IQ examinations.


EDI is an accredited Awarding Body and leading international education company with a wide range of products and services including vocational and professional qualifications both within the UK and internationally through LCCI, Goal online assessments for schools, approved training programmes for employers, an electronic assessment delivery system, electronic portfolio package and specialist business broadband service.

LCCI International Qualifications receive: recognition from international curriculum authorities, government ministries and corporations; exemption for entry to over 30 professional bodies including ACCA, CIMA, the Institute of Public Relations, the Association of Taxation Technicians and the Institute of Logistics; endorsement from dozens of well known companies including BMW, Bosch, Unilever, Lufthansa, Federal Express and Sony; and recognition by over 150 universities in the UK and around the world. (adapted from:  the EDI homepage)