The National Sailing Centre in Górki Zachodnie is the sailing base of the Academy. This most modern Centre is beautifully located at the mouth of the Vistula Śmiała river. The mouth of the Vistula Śmiała river is nestled in the picturesque scenery of a landscape park. With its sailing amenities and indoor facilities, which can satisfy teaching, training and business needs, the Center creates a convenient base for training, courses, races on a sheltered basin of the Vistula Śmiała and an open basin of the Gdańsk Bay. Its location on the junction of waterways and roads opens an easy access to the Vistula Lagoon and Ostródzko-Iławskie Lake Disctrict.

 The National Sailing Centre offers a marina for 51 yachts, floating pier which can moor 36 boats, a stable pier for 15 boats.  However, NSC is not only a sailing base but it has got a great potential as a training centre with its computer room with 10 stands, a navigation room,  boatbuilding and mechanic workshop.

Another asset of the Centre is its potential as a conference venue. The NSC infrastructure comprises comfortable premises which can be used as conference facilities. Modern, air-conditioned seminar and conference rooms  can seat from 15 to 60 participants. The Centre offers also accommodation.